Stengel Hill Architecture



    The Medical Center at Bowling Green

    Bowling Green, KY

    52,484 gsf

    Acute Healthcare Facility

    The Medical Center (MCB), the flagship hospital of Commonwealth Health Corporation, provides a full range of healthcare services for Bowling Green, KY and the broader South-Central Kentucky region. Stengel Hill Architecture (SHA) has provided Project Management and Architectural Services for Commonwealth Health Corporation since 1997.

    In response to a “growing population and an increasing share of the inpatient market”, MCB contracted with SHA to expand their inpatient room capacity with a two-story, 52,484 square foot vertical expansion on top of the existing hospital. The existing two-story building contains an emergency department and ambulatory surgical program and it was not immediately apparent if the constraints of the existing structure, i.e. utilities, column grid, building envelope, etc., would support the intended use of the expansion – two (2) twenty-four room patient care units – without negatively affecting the Program. Additionally, the existing basic building shape is different than most typical patient care units and created a large amount of area between patient rooms – a potential travel distance concern for the medical staff. SHA worked with MCB Department Managers and Hospital Staff to develop a successful design which both met the needs of the program and ‘fit’ within the existing structure. The resulting design includes perimeter patient rooms with large amounts of natural light, two (2) co-primary nurse stations, and satellite nurse work areas to decrease the number of steps in a typical shift.

    To expedite the design and construction process and as a capital management decision, MCB and SHA decided upon a Construction Manager At-Risk Delivery Model. SHA implemented a detailed, phased design process through which the construction documents and specifications were completed in multiple bid packages, allowing construction to begin prior to the completion of the contract drawings.

    Program Features Include:

    • 24 Bed Orthopedic Unit
    • Physical Therapy Gym
    • Classroom
    • 24 Bed Intermediate Surgical Care Unit
    • 4-Bay Surgery Recovery Suite